New Delhi

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Please note that some of the reviews have been written by me for other websites and in the interest of not repeating them, the link takes you directly to the original source. 

Little Saigon – Authentic to the core, this hole-in-the-wall eatery should be high on your restaurant bucket list.

Cafe Dori – Chic and dog-friendly, Cafe Dori serves some truly delectable food.

Between Buns – When it comes to food, this hip and young place is anything but cheeky.

Lavaash – Orgasmic Armenian and Bengali food that should not be missed.

Cafe Lota – Artsy without any fuss, Cafe Lota is frequented by politicians, foreign visitors, college students, and people who enjoy a good meal.

Pluck – One of my favourite places in the city to eat, their in-house garden leads to some exceptional garden to table contemporary food.

Diva Spiced – “Diva Spiced, backed by the culinary powerhouse that is Ritu Dalmia, is a quaint café that capitalises on the ever-growing trend of serving South East Asian food in a simple yet modern setting.”

Diggin – “A relaxed atmosphere that instantly brightens up the day, Diggin has a positive effect on its customers the moment they walk in.”

The Grammar Room – “The Grammar Room is a welcoming and comfortable space that forms its own identity by being quirky and presenting mouth-watering food in a stylish yet casual setting.”

Indian Accent – The best restaurant in India, as simple as that.

AnnaMaya – “The food at AnnaMaya is a love letter to the ingredients and the people who produce them locally in the country.”

Jamie’s Italian – “Jamie Oliver is one of the leading and most well-known chefs in the world, and his chain of restaurants has become an example in serving delicious food made with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.”

Delhi Club House – Delhi Club House makes for a quite fun evening out which includes some wine – I tried a couple and both were really good, comforting food, purely elegant ambience and a chance to enjoy good conversation with friends or family just like you would at your local club.

Warehouse Cafe – A cafe you may think depicts a quaint, colourful, airy eating space that serves a small collection of freshly baked food along with varieties of tea and coffee. So, don’t be shocked if you find the exact opposite of this pretty picture with Warehouse Cafe.

Yum Yum Cha – It’s tiny, it’s a little confined, it’s impersonal, you either use the bathroom before sitting down or hold on till you’re done with the meal, but nevertheless I loved it.

Smoke House Deli – There’s no smoke without fire they say, and I’m glad that the chef’s fiery passion to cook good food is still burning bright over at Smoke House Deli in DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

Wanchai by Kylin – A faux food truck; Call me a sucker but I love marketing gimmicks and Wanchai by Kylin plays it well by making its frontage resemble a food-truck and in this process also manages to stand out among all the other food-court counters at Select City Walk.

All American Diner – Designed as authentically as possible, The All American Diner is unusually bright with its neon signs, red bar stools, a black and white check floor and colourful tin signboards decorating the walls. It certainly lacks the subtlety and dullness of a “real” diner…

Sita Ram Diwan Chand – Why Sita Ram? Because they are one of those last few remaining eating places that are seeped into the culinary history of the city. It’s a place that has a customer following that gets passed down from one generation to another and in-between keeps on adding to its fan-base with fresh recruits.

Haagen-Dazs – Just like a good restaurant needs a good location to be successful, tasty food needs exceptional presentation to stand apart, but more importantly, it needs to be executed perfectly.  Yes, looks matter, more so in the world of desserts.

Mocha Arthouse – Mocha Arthouse is what you would call a hip place but still maintains a quiet presence with regards to its popularity. People who know about it, like it, but surprisingly it doesn’t come up too much in foodie discussions.

Tian – An invite to tasting the contemporary and molecular gastronomic menu of Tian at ITC Maurya, New Delhi

United Coffee House – It’s fair to say that when it comes to restaurants, UCH is an institution. It has long been a Delhi favourite having the huge advantage of being situated in the inner circle of Connaught Place.

Bukhara – Bukhara is one of India’s premier restaurants. Situated at the ITC Maurya in New Delhi, it serves “Northwest Frontier Cuisine”. The world really got to know about Bukhara when in 2000 President Bill Clinton raved about the food here which he had during his diplomatic visit to India.