Europe and its Cafe Culture

  Europe. One continent that makes me excited beyond words. I’ve lived in Europe and have travelled through it extensively since an early age, yet I’ve never grown tired of it. So many countries packed together nice and tight; so many languages, cultures, and so much history merely […]

Indian Bistro Company

It’s close to 24 hours and I can’t even think about eating. I’m stuffed. You could hang me up on your trophy wall and people wouldn’t know the difference. It’s been ages since I have had this much food. “This much”, in case you’re wondering, is what I […]

Fat Lulu’s

Talk of the Pizza Town right now, Fat Lulu’s is being whispered quite a bit in the foodie circles around where I am. The fact that they serve “gourmet” pizzas means that it took a while for me to convince the family to try their offerings since we’ve […]

Di Ghent

It’s hardly ever that a restaurant gets everything right; Di Ghent on the other hand makes it look so easy. It might be located in the unassuming Cross Point Mall market, but it comes across as quaint, due to the décor, and cute, because of its size. Now, […]


Food trucks are the latest trend in the culinary world these days. They’ve taken the idea of street food and made it not only mobile but have also managed to bring about a hint of experimentation and ingenuity to it. It’s nothing new mind you, for I remember […]