Quick Bites

Ever so often I’ll return to a restaurant I like and find something new or exciting that I haven’t covered in my review. It becomes quite a task to redo a review every time I visit a place and I save that only if there’s a marked increase or decrease in the quality of the restaurant.

As a result, I’ve started with Quick Bites, which will feature particular foods/dishes served by restaurants that either I’ve covered already or for some reason don’t want to cover on the blog. This will also give me a chance to feature food that isn’t linked to any particular place (Ice cream for example).

Hopefully, this will in the end serve as a little catalogue of what to or what not to order when you go out. I’ll be grouping 3-5 food items together, but you can find the details about them below, before you click the link.

Volume 1: Magnum Choco-Cappuccino, Mr. Sloppy Chic Burger and Toffee Mango Waffles from Eggjactly, and Raj Kachori from Kaleva.

Volume 2: On Changing Menus and Farzi Special – I look at the new trend of changing restaurant menus seasonally or every year or two and also feature my picks from the new menu at Farzi Cafe, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

Volume 3: Toblerone Mousse and Bhendi Bazaar Seekh Parantha from SodaBottleOpenerWala, Mini Pizza Platter from Mocha Arthouse, and The Morning After Sandwich from Big Fat Sandwich.

Volume 4: 4 Yummy Belgian Street Food and Drinks – Where I look at some comfort “street food” that might be available across the world, but the Belgians do it best.

Volume 5: More Food-Truck Madness – Unable to cope up and review  in detail all the new food-trucks running in the city, I look at some of the hits and duds being offered by them. Featuring; The Arab Knights, Rocketchefs, The Rolling Bistro, and Drifter’s Cafe.


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