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IMG_0672I’ll admit I’m not one to order food for home-delivery on a normal basis. It’s only ever reserved for Pizza or when unexpectedly guests arrive. Out of pure experimentation, a little bit of research for a post I am doing, and because I had a few online food credits, I did order-in food over the last few months, but in most cases the results were average at best.

However, Sushi Haus was a lovely find, but were it not for my everlasting desire to have sushi I would never have taken the bold step of ordering it to be home-delivered. There are a couple of home delivery sushi options available and my pick was based purely on reviews which in this case turned out to be right.

Sushi Haus’ online booking system is simple and easy to use. It took just a few minutes to work out the order and within a few minutes more I had the confirmation on my phone and email. I had read a review where Sushi Haus’ online order had not gone through so as a precaution I also called them up and the staff was able to confirm everything. The food was delivered at the requested time.

IMG_0673Before I delve deeper into the items ordered, a general overview is required; the boxes were nicely packed, hand tissues and chopsticks provided, with the Sushi (8Pcs) along with Wasabi, Pickle, and Soya Sauce. The Wasabi was just okay and pretty mild but then I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt simply because everyone might not like strong wasabi. I avoided the soya sauce simply because it takes away from the flavour of the sushi so that went untouched. The pickle was average.

My initial reaction on seeing the sushi was that they are small in size. Looking at photos online, for some reason I expected them to be bigger, so what was supposed to be a meal for three was just about enough for two. Other than that the vegetarian Sushi (all the three kinds ordered) looked pretty but they did lack a certain flair that makes sushi such a delight to look at. But, this is sushi at considerably cheaper price, Rs. 1350,- for 24 vegetarian pieces, and it tasted fine, so that can be overlooked.

IMG_0669IMG_0668The Avocado Maki with a filling of Avocado and Philadelphia Cheese was pretty good with well cooked sticky rice and fresh ingredients. The Crunchy Teriyaki Tofu Roll was brilliant and had that expected crunch to it. The silken tofu almost melted in the mouth and the teriyaki sauce and tempura flakes added a certain zing to this Uramaki. Lastly, The Haus Roll from the “Signature Rolls” section proved to be another favourite. Cheese was the predominant taste which meant the spicy basil sauce, avocado, and tanuki had to settle for second place. Even though I enjoyed the roll and am okay in its present avatar, I also wouldn’t mind it being slightly zesty. I also had an opportunity to try some of the non-vegetarian options at a later date and enjoyed them a little more than their vegetarian counterparts.

IMG_2681Sushi Haus, which only does deliveries, unless you happen to find their stall at a food festival, is an outstanding option to have one of the most expensive food items in restaurants at excellent price. I can confidently say, after having ordered from them on two different occasions that their statement of using only the freshest ingredients is genuine and they stick to it. I certainly hope that they keep up with that.

There’s a lot still left from their menu that needs to be tried, and that craving for Sushi is already starting to creep up in my tummy as I write this review, so I better leave you now to ponder about what you’ll be ordering as I do exactly the same myself.


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  • Saanvi
    Posted 5 July, 19 at 11:53 AM

    I suppose that Sushi Haus could work harder to make the food attractive, but considering the fact that it was delivered, the sushi looks good enough. I hope that they decide to open a restaurant in Gurgaon (Gurugram) soon.


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