5 Easy Ways to Save Money in Switzerland – Breaking the myth that Switzerland is expensive.

10 Must Eats (and Drinks) in Switzerland – With Food and Drinks becoming a lifestyle choice and every traveller claiming to be a “foodie”, Switzerland offers its visitors with a variety of unique homegrown products that must not be missed.

The Vineyard Terraces of Switzerland – There’s inherent beauty evident across Switzerland, but the region around Lac Léman has a certain special charm that is further amplified by the terraced vineyards that border it.

Lauterbrunnen: Living & Eating in the Land of Waterfalls – There is a certain magnetism that pulls everyone to this part of Switzerland. Living in Lauterbrunnen is exhilarating as it mixes up beautiful places of interest with the simplicity of village life making it a unique destination that every traveller will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Jungfraujoch: Tips to Enjoy the “Top of Europe”Experience – Jungfraujoch is an exhilarating affair that one should try and experience given the opportunity. It is a beautiful and enlivening day-trip, memories of which you are bound to cherish.

A Day in Geneva – While the buildings hold banners of the most expensive brands of the world, there is a sense of vintage in the air, an aura that behind all this wealth that is on show in Geneva, there is culture, history, and tradition that forms the soul of this international city.

Switzerland with Kids: Tales of Travel and Humor – Switzerland is a beautiful country that pays a lot of attention to kids, their education and enjoyment. While at first glance you may think there isn’t much in the country except natural beauty, a visit will make you realize that you just need the right atmosphere and intention to have fun, no matter where you are in the world, and if you happen to be in Switzerland, all the better.

A Lazy Morning in Corseaux – Deciding to take a break from our vacation, I sit down to describe one of the best views ever I’ve come across on my travels.

A Quick Guide to Basel – While Zurich, Lucern, Geneva, and Zermatt make for some of the most popular cities in Switzerland, Basel continues to charm its visitors with a collection of awe-inspiring natural and historical sites.

Street Art in Switzerland – Contrary to what one might believe, art is Switzerland is quite prominently visible no matter the town or village you visit. From sculptures to murals, there is always something surprising around the corner.

Gstaad in Pictures – The tagline for Gstaad is “Come Up, Slow Down” and nothing can be more true about the place. Gstaad is best enjoyed slowly; lazy strolls, window shopping, divulging in the local cuisine, and of course the fresh mountain air. It’s laid back to the extent that all you want to do is lay on your back and just be.

Montreux in Pictures – Montreux is your quintessential Swiss town. Scenically located next to Lac Leman, overlooking the Alps and France on the other side of the lake, it is also the last stop where you can have wonderful wine produced in the beautiful Terraced Vineyards of the region.

Cully in Pictures – Here’s the thing about Swiss villages though, they break the “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” misconception with élan as each small part of the country brings with itself a unique beauty in the form of its location, the views, cafes and shops, bright window shutters, fountains, and brightly coloured houses, as every turn proves to be a surprise that makes walking aimlessness the best way to explore any part of the country.

The Fork (and the Spoon) : A True Story about a Couple of Utensils – Let me tell you a story. It’s a story that has a bit of drama in it and some heartbreak. It takes place in one of the most scenic locations in the world and champions the power of art.

Lausanne, I’m Sorry – My heartfelt apology to Lausanne for judging it too quickly and a look at the beauty of the city through some of the main sites to visit and views atop the spectacular Lausanne Cathedral.

The Association Vinicole: 100 Years of Swiss Wine Making – You simply have to converse with anyone minutely related to wine-producing and you’ll understand how important it is, not just as a business, but as a way of life.

Driving a Train in Switzerland… Well, Almost – One of the best and most leisurely ways to see the natural beauty of Switzerland is through its extensive rail system. It’s easy because it unashamedly wanders through alluring valleys and mountains so you don’t miss out on anything or place. Moreover, the Swiss with their discounts and offers on train travel make it more attractive to travellers from outside the country.

9 Wonderful Swiss Traits that I Admire – Switzerland impressed me not just because of its everlasting beauty, but more so by its people. Here I look at some of the traits that the Swiss have which I can’t help but admire.

Le Train du Chocolat (The Chocolate Train) – A magical journey into the Swiss Alps visiting the charming villages of Broc and Gruyere while experiencing the sweetness of Cailler chocolates and the saltiness of Gruyere cheese.

Le Marina and It’s Consuming Quaintness – Vevey – Le Marina is the kind of charming place I’d love to call my own. A comforting nook in a city I want to visit as often as possible. It’s not just about the food but the aura that the restaurant exudes which captivates me.

The Matterhorn and Restaurant Whymper Stube – Zermatt – There’s something inherently warm about Restaurant Whymper Stube; The smiling faces of the staff, the flavours in the food, the location, or maybe it’s just Swiss hospitality, but if you ever find yourself in Zermatt, make sure you stop over and enjoy a relaxed meal that might not be memorable, but it will definitely be comforting and satisfactory.

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