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The 100 Dessert Buffet

A 100 Dessert Buffet. Say it again, a 100 Dessert Buffet. You need to say it a few times before the enormity of it all sinks in. That’s one hundred, not fifty, not seventy five, not even ninety nine, but a hundred desserts laid out to eat.

Olive Bistro

Quirk is in and Olive Bistro is in the thick of it with an assortment of colourful tables and chair – some comfortable, others not so – plates and pots hanging off chandeliers, and a small cafe like appearance…
The food though is exciting with a myriad of ingredients that are added to classics to take them up a notch – mint leaves on our Lamb Pizza is a perfect example of this. But, and this one is with a big B, the food isn’t memorable.