Travel Articles

Articles on travel that cover more than one specific region and look at different aspects of the industry.

Quick Packing Tips for your Next Holiday – A look at some great tips that can make packing fun and simple.

Top 10 Perks of Business Travel – There’s a silver lining to Business Travel. In a weird way, travelling for work has its own charm, opportunities, and with the right attitude can actually be quite enjoyable.

Stolen in a Foreign Land: An Ordeal – One of the most horrifying scenarios for any traveller, new or seasoned, is getting their bags stolen while in a foreign country. The fact of life remains that you can be in the most developed of countries or one that is in a state of turmoil, your bags can get stolen anywhere and everywhere.

Traveling Around the World, One Shot Glass at a Time – So there you have it, a few shot glasses from my collection which have all had tequila in them at one time or another. I no longer have an urge to collect shot-glasses but do pick one up every now and then as a little souvenir reminding me of the good times I’ve had during my travels.

A Theatrical Journey Around the World – I take a look at the various cinema theatres that I have visited around the world, over the years.

Top 10 Tips for Your First Cruise – Cruising can be fun, but it’s always good to be prepared for it. These 10 tips will help you overcome your sea-legs, or maybe not.

Stranded at an Airport? 14 Things that can Help you.  – No one likes to be stuck at an airport, but if you do, then these 14 helpful points can come in handy.

Traveling with Children & Why It’s Important – Forget about education, travelling with children is one of the most important things you will do as a parent.

World’s 5 Most Exciting Destinations – “Depending on what kind of traveller you are, especially if its pure adventure and exhilaration that you are looking for, then these five destinations are some of the world’s most exciting.”