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Taking a Punt in Cambridge, England – Cambridge is your quintessentially alluring British city. It’s a university town, immaculate in appearance, and proud of its history and heritage. Known the world over for and because of the many movers and shakers who have passed through its many colleges, Cambridge not only attracts students from all around the world but also tourists in vast numbers.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum – Take a step back to Victorian times, and visit a conceptualized version of Holmes’ home. The museum houses an exhibit of life-sized waxworks of the detective, which was sculpted based on his appearance in the books.

Birmingham: 20 Things to Do, See or Eat in England’s 2nd City – To know Birmingham is to know its people, but even though most of the activities in the city are usually confined to the centre, it can be a daunting task to discover them all. Here is a list of 20 Things to Do, Eat, or See in Birmingham that makes this city special and one that should be part of your travel plans.

The Joys of Attending Movie Premiers: Meeting Danny DeVito & Tom Hardy – Ever “bumped” into a celebrity or visited an event and came across one? Find out how I got to attend two movie premiers while on vacation and had a chance to meet two Hollywood biggies.

Weston-super-Mare: A Guide – A day spent in the charming little season town near Bristol.

Think Tank Science Museum – A playground for adults and kids with science at the center of it all. The Think Tank in Birmingham is s day trip full of education and entertainment that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Galleries Night and Arty Days at the Ikon – Discovering the arty side of Birmingham.

Walking with the Star in Birmingham – You don’t have to be lucky to walk with the “stars” in Birmingham, just have to keep your eyes open.

The Electric – UK’s oldest working cinema in Birmingham.

The Pen Room – Birmingham celebrater’s its history in the pen trade with this must-visitt museum.

The Floating Bookshop – A unique book barge floating down the canals of Britain.


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London by Travel Creative Guide – “One of the worlds largest and busiest cities, London is a great stop for those touring Europe. Immerse yourself in the pubs, theatres, museums and history of Great Britain and enjoy the great food spots. It is a royally expensive city that will eat into your budget if you’re not careful, but don’t worry check out the top free things to do in London for budget travellers.”