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I have been writing about Travel and Food for over seven years and have traveled extensively around the world.

Moreover, living abroad for an extended period enriched my understanding of diverse cultures and flavors, making me a truly global candidate for this role.

Among my proud achievements is the success of my articles, many of which rank prominently on Google. They are a testament to my ability to craft content that informs and engages readers effectively.

I have excelled in various other roles, such as editing, ghostwriting, and proofreading. My expertise extends beyond travel and food, encompassing a broad spectrum of topics such as business, lifestyle, digital marketing, sustainability, books, television, and film.

My English language skills include excellent spoken and written English equivalent to native speakers, impeccable grammar and punctuation, excellent comprehension, and communication with an understanding of the subtle nuances of the English language.

As an adept online researcher, I love to unearth unique information and blend it with personal experiences, exciting ideas, and facts to generate inspiring narratives.

My writing style is informal and informative, but I can adapt to a client’s brief. Whether developing a conversational, sales-oriented, or lead-generated piece, I have the skills and flexibility to deliver precisely what is required.

My extensive experience, diverse portfolio, and excellent English make me the ideal candidate for your project.

If required, I will be happy to send links to my previous work.

Thank you for considering.


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    Wonderful writer and experience. He is a remarkably thoughtful soul which comes out clearly and cleanly in his writing. He submitted his work on time (early, actually, by weeks!) and there were basically no corrections needed (and it was a couple-page piece). Work with him for all these good reasons and more!


    Excellent work and a pleasure to work with. Very quick to respond and a much quicker turnaround time than expected/asked. Thank you, Raghav! We look forward to working with you again in the future


    There are many reasons why I would recommend Raghav. In terms of time management, he is on the ball and able to meet datelines effectively. He writes well, communicates clearly, and goes beyond what was required of the job description to delivery a better assignment. He is someone who takes pride in the work he delivers. I wish him all the best for his future jobs on UpWork.


    Daniel Food Diary

    Raghav always produced content on time and to the highest standard. I would highly recommend him in a flash for any content production needs! Hope to have the chance to work with him again soon.




    Raghav was a pleasure to work with. He completed the job to timescales and his work is excellent quality. He was always very quick to reply to messages too. I will definitely use Raghav again when I next need a copywriter.

    Lekker Africa

    Lekker Africa

    Raghav did an excellent job with his “Eat Like a Local” book. I enjoyed working with him and I hope to work with him again. I recommend Raghav to others.


    CZYK Publishing

    I can only spend good words for Raghav. He was able to deliver excellent content tailored to our needs and carefully select the words that best match our business. He was also very willing to make edits and always gives suggestions and advice on how to improve the final delivery, which I really appreciated. I’d recommend Raghav to anyone who’s looking for an experienced and professional content-writer. An all-around friendly person, you will be lucky to have him on your team!




    He was always responsive and provided us with quality works. It was always easy to communicate with him. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for content related to books, travel, and food. Thank you, Raghav for a wonderful collaboration!

    What Should I Read Next?

    What Should I Read Next?

    Raghav is exceptionally professional and very good at communicating throughout the job. I highly recommend him and I will surely hire him again.thank you Raghav!


    Raghav has exceeded my expectation, he was prompt and knew exactly what was the requirement and delivered the same swiftly. If any one is need for food blogger he is the man that you can look for without any hesitation. His language and writing skills are fantastic. I could rate him as one of the best freelancer that i worked on upwork. Highly recommended

    Khan Chacha Restaurant

    Raghav is in the top 1% of social media managers I’ve worked with. Our Twitter and Instagram engagement has grown by over 200% since Raghav took over. He has a knack for figuring out what the target audience is going to enjoy and crafts his posts accordingly. On top of that, he’s very consistent with the content – posting once and sometimes twice a day. And his attention to detail is always appreciated. Thank you for your work, Raghav!




    Thank you Raghav for a really superb article that was absolutely perfect in every way and met all my requirements.



    Raghav did an exceptional job! I think he went beyond the scope of the work to help me. Very prompt and always approachable. It was a pleasure working with him. I will highly recommend him.


    Raghav is hard working, dedicated and go-getter. Thank you Raghav for all you work and contribution.


    It’s always a joy to work with professionals like Raghav.


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