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Among Furniture Shops and Cafes - Champa Gali, New Delhi

Hello and welcome to my “work with me” page. It’s where things get a little professional and serious as I try and convince you, the reader, how I, and my blog, can be beneficial in promoting your business.

I have been writing about travel and food for the last five years and have travelled extensively around the world during my life to amass buckets full of experiences.

Ticker Eats The World started as a passion project to hone my writing skills as well as an excuse to eat out more under the cover of reviewing restaurants. Over time, the blog has transformed into a space that highlights and shares information on some of the most amazing and unusual places in the world.

Over the past two years, I have worked with several leading websites and up and coming start-ups, particularly in the tourism sector. I am a Top-Rated member at Upwork, where I have successfully completed more than 50 jobs of varied nature.

Following are a few work opportunities through which I can be of assistance to your organisation. I take pride in my strong work ethics, on-time delivery, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact: – Kindly mention the option you are writing about in the subject line.


Travel and Food Writing

I have now written several articles, web content, and done copywriting for websites, blogs, and organisations in the travel and food domains. In addition to that, I also write about films, books, apparel, marketing, business, and at times humorous posts.

My writing style is informal and informative, but I can adapt to a client’s brief.  I can adjust my writing style to be conversational, sales-oriented, lead generation funnelled, for an understanding of the specific elements of conversion. I would be the right choice for your project because I have a lot of experience, a varied portfolio, and excellent English.

Hotel and Restaurant Reviews

If you have a boutique or luxury property, or a unique restaurant wanting coverage and promotion, I can visit and feature it on my blog and Instagram.

Sponsored Posts

If you are looking to promote and share your product or website through Ticker Eats The World, please contact me with the necessary deliverables.

Guest Posts

I am more than happy to feature fellow travel and food bloggers on Ticker Eats The World through guest posts. This option is only for bloggers and not commercial websites. Kindly email me to know the necessary requirements.


Book Reviews and Promotions

I am the co-founder and host of The Sunday Book Club, a Twitter group with over 9000 followers. I can work with you to promote your book on Twitter. I am also available to write book reviews.


I consider myself to be an amateur photographer with an extensive collection of travel and food photography, available for commercial use.

Instagram and Twitter Management

If looking to grow your Instagram and Twitter handles organically, I can take over their management and work towards creating shareable content while working on increasing your follower base.

Social Media

Since social media followership can be a bit fickle-minded, here are links to all my handles for an up-to-date assessment.

Facebook – TravelFoodThe Sunday Book Club

Twitter – PersonalThe Sunday Book Club

Instagram – TravelFood

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