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Holy Moly – Adding Cheesy Goodness to Your Life!

Neon signs, graffiti on tin sheets, brick walls, metal cages, chains, and the Underground; there’s a definite American vibe to Holy Moly that is both inviting and a little out of the box.

Situated inside Grand Central in Birmingham, UK, Holy Moly is comfort food central. The menu is as simple as it gets. The restaurant knows what it’s good at and sticks with it. The speciality here is the Mac ‘n’ Cheese or Mac and no cheese for the health conscious. You can even build your own Mac if you prefer that.

Holy Moly - Urban and Industrial

Then there are pork ribs, a few chicken dishes, desserts, and that’s it. There’s no overindulgence when it comes to variety, but certainly, in terms of deliciousness, that is some next-level stuff. Basically, come prepared and come hungry.

It takes something special for a restaurant to attract a confused and hungry customer at Grand Central. Choices are abundant all around, from the fashionable Tapas Revolution to the rustic Pho – Vietnamese Street Food.

Holy Moly, Birmingham
Holy Moly stands out because it is retro-chic. The ambience is an amalgamation of industrial and urban décor, with neon signs and an awesome-looking cashpoint made of multiple speakers.

Favorite Dishes:
Four Cheese Mac 'n' Cheese
Mama’s Buttermilk Chicken


  • Retro-Chic Decor
  • Tasty Comfort Food


  • Limited Portions


  • Food 4.5/5
  • Service 5.0/5
  • Ambience 5.0/5
  • Menu 4.5/5
  • Value for Money 4.8/5

Holy Moly stands out because it is retro-chic. The ambience is an amalgamation of industrial and urban décor, with the highlights being the neon signs and the super awesome-looking cashpoint made with multiple speakers pasted on it.

Cashpoint at Holy Moly

I must clarify that it was my friend Chris who chose Holy Moly for lunch, for which I am thankful to him. We were here for our bi-annual meet in Birmingham, and having walked around the city centre for a bit, the “Build Your Sharer” option on the menu seemed like a good bet.

The “Sharer” came with a glistening basket of baby pork ribs. I’m never one to eat messy or sticky “hand” food in public, but in this case, I was happy to make an exception. In the end, there was a lot of finger-licking until the last bit of that meat was finished.

Baby Pork Ribs at Holy Moly

The Four Cheese Mac ‘n’ Cheese, though, is divine. Definitely among the best, I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, it comes in a small cup, so someday, I need to head back to Holy Moly and give their proper Mac ‘n’ Cheese the attention it deserves.

Mac 'n' Cheese at Holy Moly - A Speciality

As for Mama’s Buttermilk Chicken, it was heavenly. Tender, not juicy, but with lovely distinguishable and bold flavours.

The Cajun Fries and Garlic Bread were our two picks from a variety of sides, and they were quite satisfactory. There was a homemade appeal to the garlic bread that I particularly liked.

Mama's Buttermilk Chicken at Holy Moly

The three dishes at Holy Moly made for a delectable holy trinity of comfort food. Spice levels were perfect, service was smooth, the atmosphere unique, and the meal was surprisingly filling, without being heavy. And at around £11 per person, it’s quite a deal!

Bathroom Sign - Holy Moly, Birmingham

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