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One Day Hong Kong City Sightseeing Tour!

Magnificent, modern, electric – that’s Hong Kong, China in three words. Other than its busy streets, Hong Kong features towering skyscrapers, luxurious shops, mouth-watering street food, historical parks, picturesque spots, museums, gardens, hiking trails, cool climate, world-class resorts, and so much more.

When you come to Hong Kong, China, you will realize that a 1-day Hong Kong tour may not be enough for an in-depth exploration of everything the city has to offer. But this does not mean you should not visit Hong Kong for a day tour. The city provides super-efficient transportation, which will enable you to explore quite a bit with ease.

This post will help you plan a one-day trip in Hong Kong, China. Keep reading until the end for all the highlights to include when planning your one-day Hong Kong sightseeing tour!

Start Your Exploration at Hong Kong Island

The best method to land on Hong Kong Island is via an MTR. Head straight to the central station and explore the busy streets of the city’s CBD.

The most iconic attractions worth your time in the CBD of Hong Kong city are luxurious hotels/restaurants, contemporary skyscrapers, luxury shopping centers, super-fast trains, scenic spots, and “flying road.”

Make sure you come to the city’s CBD with your camera fully loaded – this is perhaps the most beautiful place to begin your day-tour in Hong Kong. Capture some pics here, update your Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms. It’s the best way to inform your friends that you’ve kickstarted your day trip to Hong Kong.

While still in the city’s CBD, locate one of the best restaurants and go for your breakfast. There are countless joints – don’t leave without a warm, energizing breakfast.

See the Top of The City

Now that you have explored Hong Kong CBD from the ground, a place that allows you to witness “sky-touching buildings” and busy streets with flickering light, how about exploring the city from above?

By this, we mean seeing the top of the city’s skyscrapers. This would offer you yet another picturesque spot to capture Instagram-worthy pictures. Go to Victoria Peak with your camera, one of the best places to photograph in Honk Kong. The peak is as high as 552m, and there are several ways to get here.

Besides being among the most picturesque spots in the city, it’s also the best place to view a sunset in Hong Kong – a place that permits you to appreciate the city’s beautiful skyline and its imposing beauty at night. Interestingly, you can choose when to visit Victoria Peak. Visit during the daytime or at night, and it will impress you nevertheless. However, for a magical view of the bustling, ever-lively city, come here at night.

Visit Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsuiis a beautiful must-visit spot to discover whenever you come to Hong Kong. Set aside some time to walk on the Tsim Shai Tsui Promenade. Other activities here include a visit to the Clock Tower – which today stands as the only remainder of the ancient Kowloon Railway Station. This is the place where goods from China used to be shipped to other regions of the world.

If you are a museum enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of museums around here, from The Hong Kong Museum of Art to The Hong Kong Space Museum. 

Eat Dim Sum for Lunch

By now, you are almost running out of energy. Remember, you are not yet done with your explorations. So, take a break for around one hour and have lunch.

With its countless restaurants, cafes, street food vendors, and open-air markets, you have options aplenty when looking for a place to taste dim sum in Hong Kong, China.

If visiting for the first time, make sure you try dim sum from one of the side-street vendors. They serve food without any additives or species. You will appreciate the natural taste.

Another place to enjoy dim sums for lunch would probably be at an open-air market. You can mingle with the locals, people-watch, and bite into flavorful vegetarian and non-vegetarian dim sums. One of the most notable foodie neighborhoods in Hong Kong is Wan Chai – go and try amazing mouth-watering delicacies there.

Walk Around Nathan Road & Kowloon Park

If you wish to experience peace of mind by running away from the city’s bustling nature, its crowded areas, and noisy parts, go to Kowloon Park.

You can reach Kowloon Park by taking a gentle stroll down the busy and lively Nathan Road. A popular landmark in itself, Nathan Road is lined with luxurious hotels, mega malls, and tall billboards.

Once in Kowloon Park, give yourself to the calmness and tranquility of the surroundings to revitalize your inner being. There are many attractions to explore here – most of them are family-friendly, so don’t leave your kids behind. From fabulous photo-ops to the chance of observing more than a hundred different bird species, kids are in for an educational and exciting time when at Kowloon Park.

Try Your Luck at Happy Valley Racecourse

A great place to enjoy an evening drink in Hong Kong is the Happy Valley Racecourse. After all, it’s the best way to wind up your day after spending all those hours exploring the city.

Touring the Happy Valley Racecourse will expose you to one of the best racecourses in the world. Entering the Happy Valley Racecourse attracts a nominal fee of around 10 HKD.

Considering the fun you will have here, the 10 HKD is just a formality. Do make it a point to reach early for a good spot, from where you can view the horse races without many disturbances.

The Bottom Line

Hong Kong one-day sightseeing tours are relatively common nowadays thanks to its many attractions. When planning a Hong Kong tour, do consider the above tourist spots. Even though you won’t see the entire city, at least you will have something to cherish.

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