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Where to Hoover Up Food at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Eating while travelling is a huge gamble — bigger than playing Russian Roulette with a full barrel. When you pick up a sandwich from a random deli counter, it’s impossible to know if you’re going to eat without ending up with indigestion or a more serious affliction later.

We’re victims of this gamble whenever we travel. The writer of this article, for instance, once purchased a large chocolate muffin from a train station in North Dakota. It was a beautiful looking muffin, lovingly infused with chocolate chips with the kind of care usually undertaken by surgeons or master sculptors. Something about it was irresistibly sumptuous, especially when paired with a black coffee purchased from the same vendor.

But dear reader, the writer of this article was betrayed by his beloved chocolate muffin.

While it looked sumptuous, it tasted like sand. Those chocolate chips had the flavor of advent calendar treats, and the black coffee was an experience not dissimilar to gurgling the contents of an ashtray.

Yet on occasion, there’s a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the dismal culinary tunnel. And for this writer, that glimmer is called Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

That’s right, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport is a foodie’s dream destination, and any traveler who hasn’t experienced its delectable cuisine is sorely missing out.

To make the most of the airport’s food, we recommend you drop your car off at a private airport parking provider like, book yourself a flight and get chomping.

But where? Well, you won’t go wrong with these options.

andalucian olives

Lorena Garcia Tapas Y Cocina

Marinated olives, ropa vieja, Peruvian corn gratin – if you’re a tapas fiend, Lorena Garcia Tapas Y Cocina is an authentic and eminently delicious choice.

Fronted by celebrity chef Lorena Garcia, the cuisine in this restaurant more than lives up to her name, with Venezuelan tapas to die for.


California Pizza Kitchen

An American-made pizza pie can’t be beaten — not even by those try-hards in Italy. And the California Pizza Kitchen proves this theory right, with lovingly made bases, fresh ingredients, and generous helpings.

This made-to-order kitchen will make you a huge pie, so be prepared to enjoy your pizza for a long while or share it with a friend.


Cousins Bar-B-Q

To pig out more than an actual pig at an actual trough, Cousins Bar-B-Q is your best bet. Recognized as one of the state’s most delectable smokehouses, this is where you’ll find prime cuts of rib and brisket that are mouth-wateringly tempting.

For anyone intending on gaining a few pounds at the airport, this is where to go.


White Tail Bistro

The White Tail Bistro is another celebrity-led restaurant, with Dallas chef Kent Rathbun proudly putting his name alongside this brand. This is one for the classier diners who have a little more time to spare before their flight.

Glazed salmon, crispy duck – all the staples of a memorable sit-down meal are on offer here, and we’d highly recommend it.

That’s our list! Got any suggestions of your own? Then let us know in the comments below!


About the Author: Robbie is a food-loving traveller, always on the lookout for something new and interesting. He loves to try out new places to eat so that you get to choose from the very best.


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