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Hahn’s Kitchen – Taste of Korea

Korean cuisine has captured the fascination of locals and expats in Gurgaon over the last few years.

Hahn’s Kitchen has quickly made a name for itself with authentic Asian cuisine that focuses on showcasing Korean flavours and tastes. This has led to it becoming one of the top Korean restaurants in the entire Delhi NCR region.

Situated in the hip and popular One Horizon Centre, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon walking into Hahn’s Kitchen is taking a step into another world.

Hahn's Kitchen - Interiors

There is an overwhelming sense of minimalism. Every aspect of the restaurant has a purpose and while décor isn’t bare, it is subtle.

The tables up front are scarcely placed with more seating inside where slightly larger groups were being led.

The open kitchen, behind a glass wall, is alive with activity. Occasional bursts of flames arise from the cooking stoves only to disappear with the same vigour they come into existence.

Menu on a Tablet - Hahn's Kitchen

The menu arrives, on a tablet. Why this trend never caught up beats me, except maybe it’s unnecessary added cost for the owners.

Seeing the food in HD on a screen does make it more appealing and somehow when experimenting with cuisine that is foreign it’s of much help.

Serving primarily Korean food along with some Japanese favourites, Hahn’s Kitchen has gained quite the following in Gurgaon especially among the expat community.

I kept things simple since this was the first time I was eating “proper” Korean food and went with the classics.

Korean Bibimbap with Gochujang sauce

Sides and a Beer - Hahn's Kitchen -Korean Food

I don’t believe a Korean meal is complete without Bibimbap, a quintessential favourite that consists of vegetables and/or meats with rice and a special sauce.

On the recommendation of the staff, I ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap which consists of the dish being served in a hot stone bowl.

Initially, I figured it’s more a “marketing” stunt but then having it in the bowl not only kept the food hot for longer but continued to cook it which then gave the rice at the bottom a slight crunch, adding a completely different texture to the dish.

The hero of any good Bibimbap is the Gochujang sauce and in this case, it succeeded in bringing all the ingredients together in one delicious bite after another.

Bacon Roll - Kimbap - Korean

Kimbap - Korean Rolls

Being a sushi lover, I was happy and surprised to find out that the Koreans have their own version of a sushi named Kimbap.

The Baking Bacon Signature Korean Rolls along with the Vegetarian Kimbap were both excellently executed and got complimented by the sides that had been placed on the table – the aubergine tempura and sweet and sticky peanuts being a favourite of mine.

Udon Noodles with Fishcakes - Korean Food

My main meal though was the Udon Odeng; slurpy, perfectly cooked Udon noodles in a soul-warming “soup” with fishcakes.

There are a lot of flavours in play when it comes to Korean food, but it is the multitude of textures, often within the same dish, that was the real revelation for me.

The service at Hahn’s Kitchen is in a class of its own, one that could shame some of the best fine dining restaurants of the city.

A mere look in the direction of the staff or even a slight tilt of the head to look around and someone is there to make sure everything is fine.

Udon Soupy Noodles

Gurgaon has a number of Korean and Japanese restaurants that exists in small corners of malls or local markets which focus more on the expat community.

Hahn’s Kitchen, I am glad to say, is in a more prominent place and thus easily accessible to everyone.

At approximately Rs 2500 for two hungry souls including a chilled glass of beer, it’s certainly not a bad deal considering the quantities and the quality.

Aubergene Tempura - Korean - Hahn's Kitchen

Hahn’s Kitchen is by far one of the best Korean restaurants in the city.

It’s not difficult to see why as there’s oodles of authenticity in the ambience and the food.

And sometimes, that’s all you need; food that leaves you satisfied and wanting more.

Hahn's Kitchen Taste of Korea in Gurgaon India


  • Sachin Baikar
    Posted 10 April, 18 at 8:56 AM

    Nice review with tempting food pics 👍 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • WanderingTravelr
    Posted 12 July, 18 at 5:23 PM

    The food looks delicious!


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