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The Quirky Street Art of Champa Gali in New Delhi

Among Furniture Shops and Cafes - Champa Gali, New Delhi

Champa Gali in Saidulajab, Saket (South Delhi) was till a few years back an urban village most people would cross en-route to the nearby Garden of Five Senses.

Now, it’s amongst the most popular and fashionable destinations in all of Delhi. Oozing a hipster vibe through its select cafes, Champa Gali is also actively making its mark in the quirky street art scene of the city.

A mishmash of furniture manufacturing shops, modern-day coffee places, a pool parlour, and restaurants, there’s a rural feel to Champa Gali that is unassumingly appealing. As the area is slowly gaining popularity, there still remain a few derelict sheds in the vicinity awaiting their chance to metamorphose into trendy cafes that seem to attract the young in large numbers to Champa Gali.

Champa Gali, Saket - New Delhi

Making the most of the traditional, rundown setting, and the growing admiration for street art in Delhi, Champa Gali now has some of the quirkiest, most animated murals that add colour and personality to its walls. From comic themed art to pop pieces, the street art scene is Champa Gali is vibrant, exclusive, quirky, and thriving.

So, whether in need of a good cup of coffee, or you simply want to admire street art, Champa Gali is the perfect detour when visiting the nearby Qutub Minar or Mehrauli Archaeological Park, as it guarantees a tummy-filling arty afternoon.

Come Here! - Street Art at Chamapa Gali

The Queen - Street Art in Delhi

Champa Gali Street Art New Delhi

Boombox - Street Art, Champa Gali, New Delhi

Grafitti in New Delhi

Tin Plates at Champa Gali

The Taxi Circuit - Champa Gali, New Delhi


  • sheetalbravon
    Posted 8 October, 19 at 7:27 AM

    Wow! I had no idea it was so beautiful. It’s on my ‘must see’ list now!


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