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Top Luxury Hotels in Gurgaon Perfect for a Staycation

What started as a fad, has now turned into a bona fide way to escape the madness of city living. Staycations are the quickest and easiest way to take a break from everyday life and enjoy the pleasures of a luxurious lifestyle.

Economic constraints and high operational costs have made hotels realise the importance of this modern-day trend. A source of extra income for the industry, hotels are more than eager now to offer local “travellers” special discounts that make these staycations all the more exciting and a compelling value-for-money proposition. Getting around to spending money while staying within city limits takes a while to get used to, but the benefits of a staycation far exceed its financial demands.

Moreover, specialised vacation packages are now a norm and feature everything from spa breaks and culinary extravaganzas to cultural explorations and a chance to appreciate the peace of being within the city, but away from it.

Spectra at The LeelaPhoto: The Leela Ambience –

The Leela Ambience

The Leela is as close as you can get to a staycation while still experiencing the hustle and bustle of Gurgaon. Situated just by the toll on the Delhi-Gurgaon border, the hotel’s location adjoining the famous Ambience Mall makes it the perfect shopping staycation destination. When looking for some of the best hotels in Gurgaon, there are, only a few places that stand out for being unique, and Leela’s proximity to the mall gives it an edge that makes it popular with both tourists as well as locals.

Another feature of The Leela Ambience is that it includes not just 204 Deluxe rooms, 90 Royal Club rooms with access to an exclusive lounge, and 28 expensive suites, but also one, two, and three-bedroom residences to accommodate long-staying guests.

While the hotel has all the modern-day amenities that are associated with a five-star property, it also is home to two of the most popular restaurants in the city. Spectra is amongst the best places for a laidback Sunday brunch with its multi-cuisine offerings, whereas Diya offers traditional Indian food in a sophisticated ambience.

threesixtyone at Oberoi GurgaonPhoto: Oberoi Gurgaon –

The Oberoi Gurgaon

The Oberoi Gurgaon claims to be “a quiet note of calm” amidst a chaotic city, and it delivers on the same with the blue hues of its spectacular reflection pool (not for swimming, unfortunately) that welcomes guests on to the property.

No staycation is complete without an opportunity to let the stiffness of the body melt away and a soothing spa experience is the best way to achieve that. The Oberoi Gurgaon has an excellent spa and wellness centre that offers massages and body treatments using traditional Indian healing techniques.

The Oberoi Gurgaon also makes for a delightful culinary destination. Threesixtyone is their trademark restaurant that serves some genuinely delectable food and makes for a lovely spot for a business lunch or a romantic dinner. It’s two decks on the reflection pool are hotly contested during the cool winter months and add a hint of drama to a delicious meal.

The Trident GurgaonPhoto: Trident Gurgaon –

Trident Gurgaon

The Trident Gurgaon and the Oberoi Gurgaon share quite a few similarities. Both are situated next to each other, have a large reflection pool, and both carry the highest levels of service expected from a five-star luxury resort.

The unique aspect of Trident Gurgaon is that it manages to create a resort-like atmosphere within the confines of the city. On the outside, a few steps away from the hotel’s boundary is a busy road, the metro, and a reminder that Gurgaon is a Millennium City that keeps on growing in terms of cars, traffic, noise, and pollution. Inside the Trident is a tranquil environment, far away from the difficulties of a metropolitan city.

The 129 room and seven suites at the Trident are well furnished and carry with them the omnipresent stylishness of the hotel. As for gastronomic satisfaction, Saffron and Cilantro are excellent options with the latter often hosting international chefs to provide guests with the best culinary experiences in the city.

The Grand Bharat GurgaonPhoto: ITC Grand Bharat –

Grand Bharat

ITC’s Grand Bharat epitomises sophisticated extravagance. A short 45-minute drive away from the centre of Gurgaon, this is the place to be if you want to live large during your staycation. Consisting of four Presidential suits and 100 standard suits, there is a grandness to this all-suite property that is hard to replicate.

Packed with memorable moments, Grand Bharat treats all its guests like royalty where every whim and wish is catered to with a smile. Add to that the 27-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course, and the sheer splendour of the property is mesmerizing and takes a while to get used to.

The Grand Bharat regularly offers its patrons short-stay packages that provide them with an idyllic respite to forget about the daily grind. From their Golf Sojourns and Spa Indulgence to the Couples Connect and Memorable Moments package, there is something here for everyone.

The Gateway Damdama ResortPhoto: The Gateway Resort Damdama –

The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake

A 45-minute drive from Gurgaon centre, past quaint villages fields of blooming sunflowers, is an escape into a serene and open space. A Taj Hotels property, The Gateway Resort oozes the company’s trademark sophistication but also manages to create its own identity, reflected partly through its scrap-metal art pieces and grand lobby.

The guest rooms come with large windows that let in plenty of natural light to rejuvenate the body and the mind. The cosiness of the bed makes it hard to leave, and the size of the bathrooms makes one wonder if it is possible to play cricket in there. But the real fun of a staycation at the Gateway Resort is outside, in the expansive manicured lawns of the property that are both inviting and a treat to experience after arriving from the concrete jungle that is Gurgaon.

Space is no longer a luxury at the Gateway Resort. Paths, originating from the residential section, lead past a kitchen garden and to large lawns used to play football or partake in adventure activities such as zip-lining, rope walk, archery, and zorbing. A separate section has swings for the kids, a mini-golf area, and the peaceful Chimes Hill, best experienced on a slightly windy day. Summer months at the Gateway Resort bring with them the opportunity to jump into the swimming pool for a refreshing time, while winter evenings are perfect for the cultural performances organised by the resort along with tea and snacks.

Staycations are the perfect excuse to spoil yourself silly. A chance to break free from the shackles of daily routine and enjoy quality time alone or with your loved ones, even if it is for only a few moments.


  • Sandeep Kumar
    Posted 16 June, 19 at 7:00 PM

    Excellent work this will help to choose hotels for business stay because Gurgaon is the hub of multinational companies

  • Vijay Patel
    Posted 26 July, 19 at 12:38 PM

    Outstanding Places to stay in Gurgaon. I never thought that this kind of places is there in India. The Oberoi Gurgaon, The Leela Ambience, Trident Gurgaon, Grand Bharat, The Gateway Resort they are just fantastic. It’s truly unbelievable. I like trident and gateway resort the most and that Grand Bharat as well. Whenever I will visit Gurgaon, I will definitely live in these places. Thank you for sharing such a great post.


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