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Yo! Sushi, Selfridges, Birmingham

What’s not to like about Yo! Sushi? It’s got plates of food moving around on conveyor belts, an open kitchen so you can see the food being prepared, lots of yummy Japanese tastes to experiment with, choices galore, and didn’t I just say it’s got FOOD ON A CONVEYOR BELT!

I’ve written twice about Yo! Sushi before, still I can’t help share some visual proof of the mega £60 (sharing with a friend) lunch I had at their Selfridges outlet in Birmingham which is situated in their lower level “food court” area and has a very busy yet open feel to it.


A little warning though, it’s easy to get carried away at Yo! Sushi and ignore the plates piling up on the table as one of the drawbacks of scrumptious food revolving at hands length is that sometimes – more likely every time – it’s hard to resist.

My suggestion – unless money is not an issue – is that you set yourself a spending budget and try to keep a track of all the coloured plates – The dishes are priced as per the colour of the plates and range from £2.15 to £8.50. You could also carry a pen and paper, although I’ve never seen anyone do that, and I certainly haven’t.

Did you know: Some plates have a time (not date) printed on them. That’s the time when the food, if not picked up by a customer till then, will be removed from the conveyor belt as it has been out for “too long”. Fresh food at its best!


I’m not going to go into details of what I had and how it was because most of it, including the Sprite like tasting Banta/marble bottled Japanese drink called Ramune Soda, was excellent, fresh, and a celebration of Eastern flavours, not to forget that the Sushi was one of the best I’ve had at this cost.

Their Temaki (Hand Rolls), Sashimi, Yatai (street food) and Yakisoba, all of which are available with different ingredients are a must and equally available for vegetarians as they are for non-vegetarians – however, the choices are a lot more exquisite if you eat fish and meat.

Move back now… Here comes the sushi train.
















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