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6 of the Very Best Boutique Stays in Vietnam

‘Off the beaten path’ has been a rising travel trend over the past few years. A lot of travelers look for destinations that offer more than just a pretty setting or a favorite theme park.

For the extra curious among the lot, visiting a destination is not merely an excursion to local attractions and sampling a local dish. Travelers are now looking for immersive experiences that not only let them witness local life but allow them to become a part of it. One destination that has been catching a lot of eyeballs in this regard is Vietnam.

With an intriguing history, breathtaking natural beauty, mouthwatering food, and warm locals, it has emerged as a popular holiday destination for travelers with varied interests. Not surprisingly then, Vietnam also has some stunning accommodation options that bring out the exotic charm of this dragon-shaped country.

To prepare you for that perfect vacation, here is a list of six boutique stays in Vietnam, some of which are destinations in their own right.


La Siesta TrendyPhoto – La Siesta Trendy

La Siesta Trendy, Hanoi

More often than not, Hanoi is the gateway to Vietnam, as it is the first port of call for tourists to the country. As a result, the capital of Vietnam has a wide range of residential options, mostly concentrated around the old quarter. There are hostels, hotels, and the odd luxurious getaway that indulges all of your senses.

The edgy capital also has many boutique hotels that promise to make your stay in this buzzing city a calming experience. Among them, La Siesta Trendy stands out with its contemporary look and stylish design accentuated with warm Vietnamese hospitality.

It has 70 beautifully decorated guestrooms bursting with creature comforts including Wi-Fi and televisions. The breakfast spread is a hearty mix of local and continental dishes. Being in the core of the old quarter, it serves as a convenient base for first-time tourists to explore the city.

Pu Luong RetreatPhoto – Pu Luong Retreat

Pu Luong Retreat, Pu Luong

A secluded tropical retreat is never too far from a city in Vietnam. Around four hours drive from Hanoi towards the Northwest is Pu Luong Nature Reserve. It is a serene setting with Limestone Mountains covered by tropical forest and valleys that are a series of rice terraces.

Pu Luong Retreat, one of the most exotic boutique stays in Vietnam, is tucked away within these mountains with a stunning vantage point and access to hidden hamlets. With nine bungalows and one house on stilts (for larger groups with shared facilities), its construction, done using locally available materials, blends wonderfully with the surroundings.

While activities like village walks, kayaking, and cycling will lure you outdoors, the infinity pool serves as a refreshing escape at the end of a hectic day. A few days at the resort is the perfect way to wind down an eye-opening trip around this beautiful country.


Little Hoi AnPhoto – Little Hoi An

Little Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa, Hoi An

Anyone who visits Vietnam and misses Hoi An will be doing a great disservice to themselves.  This gem oozes with character and is a beautiful place to soak in the culture of Vietnam. It straddles the North and South of the country while providing easy access to some stunning beaches along the central coast.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the center of the UNESCO listed heritage town of Hoi An, this boutique stay in Vietnam is a gorgeous intermingling of contemporary amenities and a touch of luxury from a bygone era. There is free Wi-Fi access, a swimming pool, an excellent spa, and a restaurant serving local delicacies. They also provide a shuttle service that takes you to the nearest beach.

With 30 elegant rooms and suites, Little Hoi An, overlooking the Hoi An River, serves as a perfect stopover for an authentic sojourn in this historic town.

Six SensesPhoto – Six Senses

Six Senses, Ninh Van Bay, Khanh Hoa

Given that Vietnam attracts many budget travelers, luxury-seekers sometimes overlook it as a holiday destination. That, unfortunately, is a very myopic view. The country boasts some of the best golf courses in South-East Asia and has some indulgent beachside getaways. Six Senses, Ninh Van Bay, is a case in point.

Accessible only via boat from Nha Trang is a luxurious resort in Vietnam, located on a secluded crescent-shaped bay, which offers extravagance in a private setting. The villas are tucked away in rocky outcrops, overlooking the sea or amidst towering mountains. The romantic retreat oozes a rustic charm that brings you closer to nature.

You can choose to do as many activities as you like, or nothing at all here. At the time of check-in, a knowledgeable guide will brief you about the excursions ranging from tai chi classes to fishing trips. You can also enjoy bike rides to the beach in case you prefer to explore the resort on your own.


Alcove Library HotelPhoto – Alcove Library Hotel

Alcove Library Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

Landing in Saigon, visitors are pulled into a chaotic whirl that is a seamless merger of the region’s historical past and cosmopolitan present. The dizzying mix of pulsating nightlife juxtaposes beautifully with the somber reminder of the country’s warring history.

Alcove Library Hotel, located a little further away from the center, offers an oasis of calm in this bustling city. On entering the elegant lobby, it is its floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that first catches the eye of all the guests. A vast collection of books that cover both fiction and non-fiction, the hotel lives up to its name.

A quirky turndown service with a bedtime story adds a unique touch to your stay at this eccentric boutique stay in Vietnam. The rooms are compact but comfortable and have Wi-Fi access. The restaurant on the top offers views over the neighborhood along with delicious burgers.  With a quick 20min drive from the airport, this is a perfect stopover for an early morning flight.

Mango BayPhoto – Mango Bay Resort

Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island

Picture idyllic beaches, lush green forests, and orange sunsets. This is what Phu Quoc is all about. Situated in the far south of Vietnam, it has an airport of its own, which is only 30kms from the main town. However, not many flights operate here regularly. Nevertheless, that adds to the appeal of this island, which is also a UNESCO listed National Park.

Mango Bay Resort features a close to nature adventure that strikes a balance with its surroundings by offering accommodation that has incorporated natural materials effortlessly. With no television, air-conditions, or telephones in the room, it truly lets you absorb nature in its raw form. Having said that, other new -age indulgencies make sure that every stay is comfortable and luxurious.

Rooms here have an open to the sea view, and mosquito nets covered four-poster beds, making a stay here an excellent way to unwind and take in breathtaking sunsets.

With a little over 7 million tourists visiting the country, Vietnam still has a lot of spots that retain their authenticity. There is a permanent sense of discovery that adds to the exotic charm, alluring travelers to this mystical land and its many marvels.

Title Photo – Unsplash

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