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A Rustic Day at Laksh Farms

Work! Work! Work!

Let’s face it, the pressures of everyday life have led humans to work more and play less. In an economically unstable world, work has been prioritized leaving personal and family time to play second fiddle.

On the bright side, it has made the idea of Day/Weekend trips a whole lot more attractive. Earlier, vacations were mostly about going to hill-stations for a few days or better yet going “abroad”, but people are now discovering small hidden treasures in their own neighborhoods where even a single day is enough to rejuvenate them for the busy week ahead.

One such place that I discovered, thanks to the parents of my daughter’s school, was Laksh Farms. A 20-30 minute drive from central Gurgaon – for those living in foreign lands, that’s the place where half of your customer service calls originate – on the Gurgaon-Faridabad highway, tucked inside Mangar near Dhauj Hills (famous for rock climbing), is a 6 acre charming abode owned and run by Mr. and Mrs. Lumba.

The property is situated next to Dhauj Lake which over the years has dried out due to mining nearby, but with the ban on mining in place there is still hope that someday the water might return.

Laksh Farms is all about basic living. It is a well maintained property with trees planted all around providing numerous shaded areas to sit and relax. A small pond on one side houses a gaggle of geese whereas a hen coop can be found on the opposite corner next to the goats and cows.

A walk around the farm and you are likely to bump into the smaller beauties of nature like butterflies jumping from one leaf to another or an ant hill that kept the children fascinated for hours. Visitors can feed the geese and can even watch the cows being milked, a site that my daughter saw for the very first time and enjoyed (although she was disappointed that she was not allowed to partake).

Laksh Farm prides itself in giving a village experience to its visitors. The food is homemade with chapatis/roti being cooked fresh on fire ovens (chulas) in front of the guests.

There is a small area where visitors can take a bath in pure underground water, something that the kids simply adored and thoroughly enjoyed. Then there was the tractor ride out into the countryside which the adults seemed to have enjoyed more than the children.

What makes Laksh Farms a memorable experience is the friendliness of everyone there. While exploring the farm I ran into three bricklaying women who jokingly said that I should stop taking pictures of inanimate objects and take pictures of them. On seeing the photos, the amusing smiles on their faces was priceless.

The cherry on the cake is the hospitality of Mrs. Lumba who throughout our visit was running around getting the food and drinks ready, organizing the rides, showing around the farm, holding informative conversations with the guests, and at the same time giving our group enough space to mingle and relax at our own leisure.

The entire process from contacting Mrs. Lumba to inquiring about the farm till the end of our visit was seamless. The kids enjoyed free playing in the mud and simultaneously hopefully learning about nature and how life is without joyrides in malls and air-conditioners.

For the adults, it was a relaxing afternoon filled with good company, good food, and some wine. So if you are in Delhi or Gurgaon and have a day free, make sure you head over to Laksh Farms for an un-forgetful rustic experience.

Facts about Laksh Farms:

A Few Inclusions:

Non-alcoholic drinks (Lemonade/Chaach)

Snack on arrival (Papri Chaat)

Lunch (which was very filling and tasty)

Tea/Mango Shake etc.

Activities like tractor ride, bullock cart ride,hikes, can be discussed with the proprietor who will make arrangements.


Make sure you take your camera with you.

Take an extra change of clothes in case you plan on taking a shower under the tube-well water.


The property does not hold a liquor license, but you can bring your own alcoholic drinks after talking to the proprietor.


A map is available on the Laksh Farms website,but after crossing the village lookout for a blue gate on your right. Also keep Mrs. Lumba’s phone handy in-case you get lost.


It’s always advisable to call and book in advance,especially if you are planning a visit over the weekend.


The farm also houses 7 air-conditioned cottages about which you can ask the proprietor.


Laksh Farms


Phone: +91 9871074201

This is an unsolicited review of Laksh Farms.


  • Hendrik
    Posted 21 November, 17 at 10:23 PM

    I totally agree to what you say – our complex and work-focussed world doesnt really make things often easier, especially time wise. And your approach to discover the things in neighbourhood is such a great idea! Actually not only to make the best out of a situation but also to completely see new chances – I really like that!
    And with the Laksh farms you obviously have a jewel in your own neighbourhood, that waits to be discovered. I really like the impressions that you give here, makes me want to visit that place immediately.

  • Jamie Joyner
    Posted 22 November, 17 at 12:13 AM

    What a wonderful day trip experience for adults and kids. I like the idea of finding things to do in your local area. The food and underground pool sound amazing!

  • Lisa
    Posted 22 November, 17 at 2:08 AM

    Thanks for letting us know this is the area with all the call centres in India! This farm sounds like a truly rustic day out, and it’s nice they offer refreshments there too. A very interesting place to visit, and unknown to me!

  • Julia Guerra
    Posted 22 November, 17 at 6:42 AM

    I’m a big fan of weekend getaways. I wish Laksh Farms was just a weekend away for me! I love visiting farms and eating fresh local foods. It looks like such a wonderful place to relax.

  • Mimi & Mitch
    Posted 22 November, 17 at 3:47 PM

    Weekend trips are the best, they make you breathe and forget about work and the daily grind! Laksh farms seems like a fun escape you went to there! It seems super local and such trips are sometimes the best ones ever!

  • Yukti
    Posted 23 November, 17 at 9:04 PM

    Trip to rustic farms in our neighborhood is always lovely outdoor activity, specially for Indian winters. I would love to take bathe in tube-well water. Also food menu looks delicious, specially the papri chaat.

  • Arnav Mathur
    Posted 24 November, 17 at 4:45 AM

    A nice getaway option from the chaos of Delhi. Had I been in India at the moment, I would have used to Laksh farms, to have a unique experience and escape the polluted air of Delhi.

  • Kate Storm
    Posted 26 November, 17 at 9:27 PM

    What a cool little spot! It can be so much fun to visit farms and enjoy a taste of a slower life. Looks like a very peaceful way to escape the hustle and bustle (and less refreshing air) of city life.

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