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United Coffee House Rewind

Walking into UCH-Rewind, I never expected it to replicate the vintage charm of United Coffee House in Connaught Place. There are apparent differences regarding the food on offer and overall look of the place, but the new “brand” stays as close to the original as possible. Moreover, it celebrates its unique characteristic identity, like a son finally stepping into his father’s shoes.

Vintage Interiors

The interiors of UCH-Rewind are a combination of wood and tiles. Lots of colourful tiles that bring about brightness to the place. Very much like UCH in Connaught Place, there’s a moody disposition in the aura, but in this case, it’s brought about from being inside a mall with little natural light coming in. There’s an old-world mood to the place, with contemporary elements thrown in for good measure, and I would assume to attract the younger crowd.

UCH Rewind Menu

The menu is quite diverse with dishes covering various cuisines of the world. I’m not a huge fan of places that try to please everyone, not to mention the fact that a packed menu makes it harder to choose a dish. However, it seems that UCH-Rewind makes it work somehow.

Sticking with North Indian food on this visit, the Maha Samosa justifies its name, has a good enough filling, but is nothing to write home about when it comes to taste. The Chicken Tikka, on the other hand, had a nice char to it, was well marinated, juicy, and delicious. And, it turned out to be perfect for someone like me who prefers food to be less spicy.

Quintessential North Indian Condiments

When it came to the remaining food, there’s a lack of that wow factor which typically one looks for when dining out. Whether it is the daal, the quintessential paneer dish, or pieces of Indian bread, nothing particularly stands out.

Chicken Tikka at United Coffee House

Then again, it’s good food. In a culinary world where everyone is trying to be different, at times it’s comforting to eat well-made food, that gets the flavours right, and in the end, satisfies the stomach and the soul.

One of the highlights of the meal at United Coffee House Rewind was the Banta Soda, served in a Banta bottle. They do different flavours, and the rose drink was quite lovely – the perfect stamp of nostalgia that one would expect from an offshoot of an iconic restaurant.

Naan and Roti at United Coffee House Rewind

Even though a lot is going on in the menu, and while it lacks the authenticity of United Coffee House, Rewind is a refreshing take on the classic old-fashioned eating joint. Its appeal to all sorts of guests – family, business, friends – adds to the charm of the restaurant.

For me though, it was the buzz in the air, emerging from the conversations on different tables during rush hour that brought back memories of having snacks on the first floor of the United Coffee House as a child.


  • dpranita583
    Posted 4 January, 19 at 1:39 PM

    Nice coffee house.


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