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Best Street Food at Sarojini Nagar Mini Market

In search of a delectable morning fix?

Looking for some lip-smacking fast food?

Wanting to satiate your cravings?

Or just on the lookout to celebrate “sin day” after a week full of achieving your exercise goals?

Ring Road Market, also called Sarojini Nagar Mini Market, opposite Narouji Nagar, is as iconic as Delhi food places can get. It’s the place where you should be heading if any one of the above is true, or simply if you are in search of good food.

Walk (not really, you can also drive) around Delhi and different localities have their own foodie specialities. There are a few exceptions where it’s possible to get a little more variety, more than that one restaurant that is popular, and as it happens to be the case, Ring Road Market packs a mighty punch with not one, not two, but a fairly good number of places to eat.

Now, there are five spots that really stand out and no matter the time of the day and provided they are operational, you are more than likely to find a line of hungry eaters outside each and every one of them.

Morning Fix - Chola Bhatura - Durga Sweets Corner

Caged Cholas - Durga Sweets Corner

Durga Sweets Corner

Pillowy, soft, fluffy, and hot Bhaturas accompanied by flavorful Cholas, so popular that there is a constant movement of customers either munching at this small eatery or getting the goodies packed for takeaway.

The smell of food being cooked early in the morning only adds to the appetite. Mind you, the grease levels are a little high but the taste makes up for it in every way.

And don’t forget the crunchy samosas which taste even more amazing on cold winter mornings.

Tandoori Kulchas - Fresh and Hot - Kulcha King

Delicious Kulchas - Kulcha King

Kulcha King

The crunchiest tandoori kulchas I’ve ever had.

Having feasted on the Bhaturas only minutes back, I wanted to take a bite or two of the Kulcha, for taste. A few minutes later, I was breaking one piece after another of the Paneer Kulcha, no need of the accompanying Cholas – which was actually good because they are too spicy for my liking.

So impressed was I with the Kuchas, that I got a couple packed to take home, for further chomping that afternoon.

Morning Rush - Ring Road Market

Shahi Dahi Bhalle

Now, I didn’t eat at the restaurant, my stomach, after all, can only take so much, but the line outside is a good indication that the food here won’t disappoint you either.

I did take a peek and besides options of Chaat they too were serving some really yummy looking Chola Bhaturas. It’s up to you now to decide who wins the Battle of the Bhaturas after trying some from here and Durga Sweets Corner.


Khandani Pakodewala

Probably the most popular and iconic restaurant in this area which was sadly “closed” on the day. A few enquiries and apparently it had been shut down by the local authorities.

However, a source informed that pakoras are still being made and sold, on the down low, in one of the back lanes, so try your luck because they really are legen… wait for it… dary! (And a lot more original than I am being right now).

Hot Tea - Ring Road Market

Chai- Chai

Nothing beats a cup of tea at the end of a filling meal to warm up your soul to its very core. At Ring Road Market, there’s a tiny shop – if you can even call it that – in a lane next to Kulcha King that is usually busy making hot and fresh masala tea batches every few minutes.

I personally like a lot of sugar in mine, but they do make it sugar-free, as I noticed a lot of health freaks order those. Reminded me of the running joke, pun intended, which goes like “I’ll have a couple of Big Macs, extra cheese, large fries, and a Diet Coke.”

Dig In - Kulcha King - Ring Road Market

Morning Traffic at Sarojini Nagar Mini Market

So, whether you want to celebrate after finishing that morning run, or like me, want to end a lovely photography session in the city with some delicious food, head on out to Ring Road Market and you shall not be disappointed.

Oh! and in case you want to see my photographs from that morning, check our Safdarjung’s Tomb in Pictures.


  • Swati Jain
    Posted 5 February, 18 at 6:26 PM

    That’s some cool guide for Sarojini Nagar. I have always visited this place for shopping. Never really cared for eating or try out stuff here. I shall take your points from here as I will be in SN on Wednesday 🙂

  • Lydia Smith
    Posted 6 February, 18 at 2:38 AM

    I love anything food guide/gastronomic experiences. It’s always a beautiful moment for my stomach reading such posts just like now. Sarojini Nagar seems to have unique meals which looks tasty. I feel like devoting them all. Looks like Ring Road Market is the crown to the all. Wish I can teleport here.

  • Heidi Medina
    Posted 6 February, 18 at 8:04 PM

    I LOVE street food and your photos do it justice. Everything looks so good. Those crunchy samosas, yummy! And bhaturas! I would be in heaven and with a hurt tummy from trying to taste it all. And chai without sugar is not chai in my opinion.

  • Tom
    Posted 6 February, 18 at 11:29 PM

    I am a huge fan of street food and love to try everything. I think India is pretty notorious for street food and a lot of people are afraid of a Delhi Belly. I have been eating too much street food in all those years traveling that my belly can handle everything nowadays. I feel blessed that I can and trying street food is what traveling makes so cool for me.

  • Denny George
    Posted 8 February, 18 at 5:52 PM

    Delhi has all these amazing food hotspots. I used to frequent INA market for the kerala food.

  • Fairuz Ibrahim
    Posted 8 February, 18 at 8:53 PM

    I’m salivating looking at your pics. I love Indian food especially samosa 🙂

  • Constance @ The Adventures of Panda Bear
    Posted 9 February, 18 at 5:21 AM

    I always love trying street food in all of the countries I go to. This looks like such a great spot with a good amount of variety in foods. Thank you for sharing!


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